July 24, 2024

Welcome to the official company website of ATV Network Limited. The brand was originally launched in 1964, became a company in its own right in 1966, re-branded in 1992 and re-born in 2006.

ATV Network® is a long-established and well-respected brand, which we aim to celebrate and commemorate with social media and various projects.

The company launched originally in 1964 (and had been previously known as Associated Television Limited since 1955) and produced many of the most popular British television programmes in commercial broadcasting history. Here at ATV Network we care passionately about the heritage of the broadcaster and production company and aim to celebrate and promote the ATV legacy.

The company also actively works to mark the achievements of ATV’s biggest long-running star Noele Gordon, alongside her archive curators. Noele was one of ATV’s top names from 1955 through to 1981.

The groundbreaking former West End actress turned presenter is an icon of British broadcasting. ATV Network also co-produces written content for the Crossroads Fan Club website. Crossroads, produced by ATV, ran on ITV for nearly 25 years and at its peak commanded viewing figures of 18 million.

Productions we’ve assisted with concerning ATV facts and information include programmes aired on BBC One, BBC Radio 2, ITV and ITV3.

We are happy to assist with archive programme information, however, if you’re looking for clips then there are a couple of organisations, independent of ATV Network Limited,  that can assist with archive programming material. Regional clips can be searched at the Media Archive for Central England which cares for ATV Midlands material from 1956 onwards and also covers Central Television from 1982 to 2009.

Network ATV programmes are under the control of Carlton/ITV Archive and they can be emailed here for information on anything produced by ATV for the ITV Network from 1955 to 1981.